Wednesday, May 25, 2011

thirty one.

To the best Daddy,
and all around person I know...
Happy Birthday!!!

I can't wait to celebrate it with you on the beach in a few more days.
And just to get you excited...
(us 3 years ago in St. Marteen)
I love that you're counting down the hours.
(Only like what, 93 1/2 more to go!? Woo-hoo!)

Enjoy your bike ride today.
The kids and I will be spending the day working on some awesome pictures.
(You should see the one the Rockstar just came up with. You and him, stick legs, uneven eyes, and heads the size of planet earth.)

Love your guts!
all 31 years worth.

Happy Day!


erica said...

happy happy birthday!
oh how i wish we were going to be laying on the beach with you guys.
your going to have so much fun!

Janette said...

Happy birthday! So jealous, that sounds perfect!

Sonny said...

I love you so much babe. Thanks.