Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fire Station

{May 7}
We got a call Saturday morning (after grad day) that some of my family were in town for little Kobe's baptism.
They were having a luncheon up at the Davis County fire station.
Of course, we couldn't miss that kind of a party, so we loaded the kids up in the Odyssey and headed North.
It was so good to see everyone, but I think the highlight was definitely seeing my little boy in his own little fire man Heaven.

My cousin Riley, who is the real fireman, let my the Rockstar play a little dress up.
Oh my goodness, my little guy was BEAMING!
Sorry Ladies. He's 3.
We tried to get Lulu to join in, but she wasn't having it.
I'm guessing since she didn't see any hot pink ones, she figured it wasn't her sort of thing.
Such a girl.

me & Jen
It was so good catching up with her! We grew up like sisters and now, well, life's happened.
We just don't see each other nearly enough.
Lulu enjoying some cake.
I seriously lost track of how many pieces she consumed.
I kept saying no more, but every time I turned around there she was batting her eyelashes at papa for another. Of course, he couldn't resist spoiling the girl.

Miss Lulu & Grandma

Saydee. Jen. Me. Mom. Grandma. Aunt LeAnne. Tammi.
Making sillies.

I believe this is right after my grandma said
"Oh just take the damn picture!"
Haha. Love my granny!

Gigi racing Daddy.
Aunt Leanne. Uncle Curt.

We only stayed for about an hour before everyone had to get back on the road.
I could have stayed all day. Darn it.
It was great to catch up and feel at home for a while.
Wish we all lived a little closer and got to have those moments a whole lot more.
On the way home my grandma and Jen got in a little accident.
My Grandma wasn't feeling well, so she went to the hospital.
She had suffered a heart attack and stroke, so they kept her for a couple of days.
She's doing okay now, but it gave us all a scare.
I just can't imagine losing that little lady. Really. I don't even like to think about it.
I'm so glad I got to see her for a bit that day and give her a squeeze.

Love you Grandma.
Take Care of yourself and I'll see you for a visit in June.


Terry said...

Oh please! I need a picture of the Rockstar fireman. It is the best.

Dana said...

That firehouse is like 1 inch away from where my last house was. Now we live 5 minutes away. Looks like fun!!

Janette said...

Glad she is doing okay. It so hard to have those things happen.
Love the trip to the fire station. The rockstar is so CUTE!