Sunday, September 1, 2013

Funeral Weekend

{September 5, 2012}
Sonny and Kids stayed home while I flew to Boise to celebrate my grandma's life.
All of the grandkids were able to make it,
so like always it was a party!

 My Brother Chaud photo bombing
Lynsee :)

 My sweet Aunt LeAnne
AKA Aunt Cozy.
 Chase and Christina.
 My heart hurt for dear Aunt Rose.
She was struggling and having a lot of survivor's guilt.
After the accident, she kept describing it as just a "soft splash" and it hadn't felt like anything major at all.
We found out later, that they had hit a patch of water, hydroplaned, and the car rolled 8 times.
The car was completely demolished.
My grandma had passed from a ruptured aorta.
Rose only sustained a scratch on her forehead 
(reopening a surgical cut from getting surgery to remove a brain tumor just a month prior. I know. I probably won't get to that story, but our family has definitely been watched over)
Angels Intervening.
I kind of like to think, my grandpa held her while the car rolled.
We are all so grateful that our Rose survived.
 Derrick. Dad. Mom. Baby Sequioa. Chaud.
 Uncle JC and Uncle Floyd.
Two of my grandpas brothers and characters just like him.
A great night of reminiscing before the funeral.

PS. My Aunt LeAnne called me 2 days before to ask if I would cover for her 
and give the Life Sketch at the funeral.
My grandma lived with her and my Uncle Curt, and LeAnne just couldn't bear to stand and speak.
I agreed.
Feeling big time pressure and overwhelmed this night.

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