Sunday, September 1, 2013

Farewell Daybreak::The Move

{August 14, 2012}
This was one of the hardest days for our families.
It still brings tears to my eyes. Definitely, a hard thing to do, leaving what you love.
I will forever be grateful for all the help (we had to turn people away), the visitors,
the tears, the gifts, the warm wishes, and all the love.
To live in such a neighborhood as Daybreak was such a blessing.
It wasn't all the parks, the lake, the walking trails, the events, or even the colorful "dr seuss like" homes.
It was the people.
I have never come across such service oriented, loving, neighborly, down to earth people.
We met life long friends and I will forever be grateful for our 4 + years there learning and growing.
I know without a doubt we were lead to that neighborhood, 
and although I know that there are great places in store for us,
we will forever miss this place that taught us how to be 
The End.
or The Beginning.

{depending on how you look at it}

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