Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Wedding::Matt + Jenn

{August 31, 2012}
Two weeks after the move, we turned around and headed back north for my cousin Jen's wedding.
It was such a beautiful night spent with the family.
 These two were absolutely giddy with excitement.

 So many memories with this cousin of mine.
We played endless hours growing up together
and even had some rebellious times too.
(piercing belly buttons in her closet with ice and safety pins)
Best friends thru everything.

 Me and my sweet grandma.
She is EVERYTHING I hope to be
including her addictions to shopping and smut magazines :)
 Auntie Rose and Lisa.
 Todd and Mom.
 My dad. Always the goof. And I love him for it.
 I lost count on her trips to the old fashioned candy bar.

 Sibling love.

 I adore this pic of my cousin Stacy and Grandma.
Captures their relationship perfectly.
 Grandma with her Darlings.
I am so grateful for my Day, my two Aunts who were second moms to me
and the amazing parents who raised them.

Matt + Jenn

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