Sunday, November 6, 2011

Florida::Our last day.

October 14th
We were so not ready to come home this last day.
Ha! I guess we got used to the beach life pretty quickly.
We debated going out on the town for the last day,
(water world, zoo world, A discovery museum, shopping, or Ripley's)
but none of us wanted to give up a day at the beach
so we headed out and spent one last beautiful day. 

 Gigi absolutely LOVED running from the waves.
She would send herself into hysterics each and every time.

 so cute.

 And Lulu is always the artist, no matter where she goes.
Her latest fave is drawing "fashion girls"

 Finding a seashell.
These 3 collected over 100 during our week stay.
not kidding.
Now I find them everywhere...tucked in the sofa, bathtubs, hidden in their bookcase.
Everywhere. not so awesome.

 And I had to include this pic.
 Haha! We were filming with our camera and Lulu was dancing and hamming it up for the camera,
not paying attention to where she was going and she tripped right over the rockstar building a sandcastle.
He was ticked!
He chased her all around the beach trying to hit her
and then gave up to just come over and cry.
SO glad we caught it on tape.
Such a real life moment.

One more post coming and then I am 
Boo to the yeah!

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carrie said...

They are all just perfectly cute!