Sunday, November 20, 2011

Captain Jack goes to preschool

October 27th
{Halloween Preschool Party}
The Rockstar was sooo excited to dress up as one of his heroes
Mr. Captain Jack Sparrow.

 Haha! Doesn't this character fit him so well!?
He even had the drunken stagger down that morning.
 Some of his friends.
(Mickey is killing me in this pic! SO captures Harlan's little personality! :))

 The Posse.
Tyler. Harlan. Rockstar. Beauen.

These 4 are INSEPARABLE. 
They are together just about daily...terrorizing the neighborhood and 
fulfilling my dream of a house full of boys hanging out and eating all my food.

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nicole said...

These pics of the boys are darling! I honestly think you have more of Beau than I do! That's just part of my evil plan so you'll have to do his photo book next year. Muahahaha!