Thursday, November 3, 2011

Florida::the pool.

Believe it or not, we spent a whole lot more time at the pool than we did at the beach.
Ha! the kids just begged to be there at all hours.
Go figure! We fly all the way to Florida and we could have hung out 
at the local Rec Center Swimming pool instead. 
Good news though is that Lulu and the Rockstar both learned how to swim during the trip!
I guess that is what happens when you spend 6+ hours a day at the pool.

Favorite pool moments :: The rockstar learning to swim (okay, he half sinks, half swims, but we're counting it), Lulu overcoming her fear of water and putting her head under, Lulu slowly learning to tread water and getting to be a confident little swimmer, our shrieks of excitement for both of them, playing sharks and mermaids in the pouring rain in the hot tub our 2nd day there for 3 hours, Gigi living in the hot tub and insisting her hippo be in there with her, lots of conversations with southerners, lots of Caprisuns and peanut butter crackers, pretending there's a shark in the swimming pool, and some air gymnastics.

Awesome times.
Definitely going to be using that rec center pass this winter for the indoor pool.
Thank goodness.
A few months ago, I convinced Sonny that if we signed up I would work out every morning at 5:45.
Yeah, that's not happening.
Glad it won't be a complete waste of money.
But seriously, I'm totally going to start hitting that gym.
starting monday.....


Sam and Lacey said...

Beyond jealous! it looks like a blast. Little lulu is growing up so fast. I need to see you and the kids bad. I need my fix. Come down!! I am not sure I can brave the cold but maybe I will be up soon. :)

A said...

Boy was I behind on your blog and Boy am I jealous of all your fun vacay pics! I love seeing all of the stuff you have that I have too- we must shop at the same places!!! (makes me feel much better about my sense of style to think that I have the same taste as you!!)