Thursday, November 3, 2011

Florida::the Beach

October 11, 2011
Oh, Just another day at the beach. :)
Gigi insisted on wearing her shades on top of her head all day long.

Good Grief, to think sometimes I wonder why we spoil her so much!?
Such a doll.

I have about 12 pictures of these two standing like this.
And I love every single one.
I narrowed it down to two for you all.
Thinking every single one will make it into the blog book though.
They were just best of buds all the week long.
And I don't think much else can make a mother happier.
Gotta love the caramel rice cake.
Now, a staple in our household.

Yep, About 12 more of these pics too.

I cannot even begin to express how much I LOVE this pic.
This is the face I see several times a day.
SO cute when she's grumpy, No?

The Rockstar came up with a new laugh while we were on the vaca.
He takes a deep breath, pushes all the air out and laughs in a very deep voice.
It's awesome.
Ask him to do it for you next time you see him.
I promise it will make you smile for the rest of the day.

Daddy surprised us and ran down to the beach to join for an hour.
Yay! Everything is a little more fun with him along.
Gigi feeling a little left out...
Oh good. He came back for her. :)

That night we went out to eat
We decided to try a local restaurant called SHARKYS.
Outside there was a huge shark that we had to convince the kiddos wasn't real.
Apparently, It was the actual size of a shark caught in Australia and it is the biggest ever seen.
It was a little creepy.
We had to grab a picture, but thanks to my 50mm lens (love btw) we couldn't really do it justice for you guys.
Can you spot the BEST part of this picture though??
Yep. The Rockstar's shirt tucked into his underwear. Haha! Love it!

And for the record, the food was gross and WAY overpriced.
We shared a cobb salad and a burger then headed to Mc DOnalds.
Lesson learned.
The rest of the time we cooked in the condo.

Yay! One more post down, only 3 more to go!!
THen I get to start on Halloween! SO fun!

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Jodi said...

These posts are amazing! Looks like so much fun! The rice cake is a staple at our house too :). Love them.