Sunday, October 30, 2011


Daddy had a lot of work to do on our vacation, so during the day he stayed in up in our room sitting at a desk in front of the window  looking out on the ocean while me and the kiddos went out and played in the sand.
Poor Sonny. The kid LOVES the ocean. 
I think it nearly killed him to not go out there with us.
The kids and I didn't help either. We tempted him a few times to take a break, 
but he stayed pretty disciplined and got a lot of work done.
BUT after 5, 
he was all ours.
And we hit the glorious beach. :)

(anytime there was a ship. "piwate!")

(another "piwate")

Oh, how we all miss these evenings out on the coast.
Full of magic, love, and sand.
Can't ask for more than that.

And, yes. I am feeling like the luckiest woman alive right now.
I get to be with the 4 best people (big, small, little, and tiny)

I hope Heaven has lots and lots of beaches.


Amy said...

You have had some amazing memory making adventures. They look like they were so fun. Darling family. I looks like I need to find me a beach ;)

The Hansens said...

Oh my gosh those last 2mission pictures are amazing! What a fun vacation!

Terry said...

Beautiful pict. Beautiful family.

Ashlee said...

Pretty pretty pictures! Looks like you guys had so much fun! Jealous!

Janette said...

Seriously beautiful pictures. Your family is so cute. looked like a blast!

Trav and Britt said...

what?! florida AND disneyland?! jealous much?! . . why yes, yes i am :) and did i see that you were in logan?! well darn it, we should have gotten together! we just might need to exchange some info one of these days :) it would be great to see you! looks like you have all been having LOTS of fun! awesome!