Friday, October 21, 2011

Disney::Day 1

Let the Memories Begin.
10 am we were at the gate, bursting at the seams for our day at Disney.
I swear it was the least crowded we have ever seen Disneyland at opening time.
It stayed that way too....No lines for just about everything.
Always makes for a better time.
(almost, almost made up for pirates being closed all 3 days. wait. nope. still bitter.)

We're a tradition kind of people, so of course we headed for FantasyLand first
to hit up Peterpan and Dumbo.
Two family favorites.

Gigi had quite a few struggles at Disney...
well actually, she was just fine as long as she was with her Daddy.
She would have NOTHING to do with me.
I was a little shocked, because at home she is at my feet all. day. long.
Apparently, I'm yesterday's leftovers when Daddy is around though.
I'm sure if Sonny would have jumped in this pic, she would have been all smiles.
Little stinker.
Next I took these two on Thunder.
I cannot even tell you how much they have talked about this ride
and how excited they have been to ride it.
Funny. I wouldn't call those excited faces though.
I don't think they remembered how fast this ride goes.
Second time around went a little better.

Broc started a trend with the face painting,
And of course we had to join.

Our first Characters of the Day!
Pooh Bear and Tigger.

I was shocked when Gigi decided to join...
Haha! yep. There is the Gigi I know. :)
I think it was Tigger asking her for a hug that really put her over.
She knows just where to go to get pampered...Papa's lap.

cutest cousins. ever.

We're big fans of that Pooh and his ride.
I think we rode the thing about a gazillion times.
Good thing it's the cutest.
The Rockstar was so excited to meet the real thing when he got off.

Grammy and Papa Duane joined us later that day!
We weren't expecting them til day 2.
What a great surprise!
We headed for Small World.

Gigi a little nervous about the dinosaurs during the train ride.
(I guess she was okay with me here, but I am telling you...rare moment in disney!)
That evening we gathered around for the parade.

I think this is the highlight every year for all the kiddos.
They were dancing their little hearts out.
I wish I could have captured it better, but my little p&s can only do so much...
like hyperexpose everything! Blast.

Such a perfect day at Disney.
More to come.


Sonny said...

so much fun!

Anna said...

fun :) kristin my dear, you always look beautiful. serious. i kinda hate you for that. :)
lets get together sometime ok? it has been to long.

Kristal said...

Such a magical place for little kids isn't it! We had a great time when we went in August. Gigi is getting so big!! You look great btw:)