Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Polka Dot Pencil Preschool

September 6th
The Rockstar started his second year at the polka dot pencil preschool.
He was so excited to be with Miss Kindra again.
I think she had his heart the first time he got a taste of some M&M's last year.
He has threatened more than once (usually when I am telling him no to another bubblegum) that he is going to run away and live with Miss Kindra.
I am sure the first day fruit loop necklace didn't help.
The way to this boy's heart is definitely through his tummy.

Gosh. I love this boy.
He just makes life giggly.


~Cmac~ said...

He is getting so TALL! Wowzers. What a cute boy. We've been looking into preschools around here for Sophie and they are as expensive as daycare! $200 a week for the cheap ones for 2 half days per week. That is insanity. We need to move to Daybreak. I'll keep working on Chase. ;)

Terry said...

Oh how I love that boy!