Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Reunion 2011

::The Extras::
My parents live in a little town in Idaho called Lava Hot Springs, and in the summer this place is pretty much the most gorgeous place on earth! ...Add my family to the equation and it definitely becomes the raddest too (people still say that right?)
These posts have taken me FOREVER, and I am itching to move on, but I just couldn't leave these random pictures out.
kiddos enjoying the outdoors. playing snitch pitch. campfires. birthdays.

Lulu cried the whole way home when we took off.
Her and Kaylee are about as close to sisters as cousins can get.
They have become pen pals though and love sending each other stickers, and pictures.

It is so hard living away from family at times, but it definitely makes these reunions so special.
Can't wait for next year!!

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