Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Balloons and Butterfly Kisses

A couple of years ago, I was having some "mother insecurity" about the fact that I didn't go ALL OUT on my kiddos birthday parties.
(I thought that one day they would feel deprived or something. I know, so dumb.)
I confessed my feelings to Sonny.
He rolled his eyes (sensitively of course) and said something like "Babe, I LOVE the fact that all our kids need are a couple of balloons blown up on the floor and they think they're at the biggest party ever!"
I don't know why, but it struck something in me and I haven't forgotten it.
In fact, I actually relate it to all things in life...whenever I start getting worked up about making something perfect or stressing about the details...I remind myself
all they need are a couple of balloons.

and maybe some time for butterfly kisses too. :)

Thanks Sonny for always being there to give me some reality checks on motherhood.

*Oh and for the record I don't think there is anything wrong with throwing big parties.
I think it's awesome.
as long as you love doing it.


Jan Fisher Clark said...

Kristin! I love reading your blog. I always love to read it because you seem to have such a great balance in life (health, love, happiness). Maybe one day I will be as on top of things as you (and you have 3 kids!! how do you do it?!) As always- I really admire you! GLad you guys are doing greaT!!

Madsen Updates said...

i agree! I put pressure on myself too that my parties aren't very awesome...but I don't want to spend all my time and money on it, and I really don't think the kids care at all. It's more for the Mom, so if the Mom likes it! If not...the kids have the same amount of fun at a "not as cute" party! I think your parties are great! You can see that the birthday girl felt SO special, and that's all that matters!!

Janette said...

I can relate. I not only do this with parties but with my home.. It is so bare but yet I am obsessed with decorating it. I fill pressure of being so many things I laugh at myself (a lot). Our kids our the same way they are happy with the simple things in life.
Ahh! love your picutres!!!