Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And she rides!

We spent the first half of the summer trying to teach Lu how to ride a bike without training wheels.
Nearly every time ended in a little bit of frustration.
She wanted to ride her new bike so bad, but she was just too nervous....
Guess her bad wreck the year before was still a pretty fresh memory.
One day in July though, the sun was shining and friends Parker and Cooper were visiting, she hopped on that bike of hers and rode away.
We were all surprised...especially her. I've never seen the girl squeal with such delight.
I'm pretty sure she hasn't stopped riding since that day.
Definitely got her daddy's love for the 2 wheeler.

Of course Miss Gigi has to copy everything her big sis does.

I guess it's time I get that beach cruiser I've been eyeing and join my girlies on some rides.

yes. that was a hint babe. :)

*yay! One post down and only about a gagillion more to go. suweet!

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