Tuesday, October 18, 2011


*We're back from Florida! Goodness, we had the BEST time. I can't wait to sort through the pictures and get them on here. I'm sure it will make me relive the blissful moments. Sure miss it, but it is definitely good to be back in my favorite place...home.
Now back to blogging... :)

August 27-28
We planned a camping trip with our good friends, Becky and Bryce.
Becky has been a BFF since I moved to small town Idaho at the ripe ol age of 6,
so of course the gal has a special place in my heart. We spent pretty much every day of our High school years together and we have such great memories together.
Lucky for us, our hubbies click so well too.
So we planned ourselves a trip to the Logan Canyon.
The kiddos were in mountain Heaven hanging out with little Rees.
There's nothing like a face full of cheezits and snot to show some pure camping joy.
Tatum and Becky.

We let the kids pick out a treat at the store before we left.
Of course they chose their fave
Bubblegum. :)

We headed off to hike down to the lake.
This place was insanely gorgeous btw.
Honestly, if you are not a big camper, I swear this place just might make you one.
It is amazing.

Bryce checking out the wildlife like 100 miles away.
No, seriously.
Apparently $2,000 binoculars really are worth it.
Shawn and I were both a little envious.
(ha. we might use those like once every other year when we go camping, but we still want em)

That night we stayed up roasting marshmallows and talking.
The kiddos all went to bed pretty well and then us adults sat around the fire and eaves dropped on some of our neighbors camping in the site below.
Ha. We pretty much had no choice. There was a couple screaming at each other.
I'll spare you the dets, but we definitely heard some juicy stuff.
The next morning we used those binoculars to try to get a better look.
I know. so bad.
But I'm telling you, it was drama at it's finest and we were all so curious to see who they were.
No luck.
We enjoyed some good breakfast and then headed for some caves.

It's definitely going to be a tradition from now on.
Too great to miss.

Thank you Bybee Family!

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~Cmac~ said...

I am dying over Gigi's pigtails! She has gotten so big and boy is she ever cute! I laughed so hard about you trying to see the fighting couple through the binoculars. Hilarious!