Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Celebrating Lulu

{July 31, 2011}
We celebrated our little missy's 6th birthday the Sunday before her big day
with family, tacos, and some special surprise gifts...

Yes. thanks to my sister, Lulu got a kitten.
I know. What the #$%! was I thinking!??
The kiddos were ecstatic.
Haha. I don't think the feeling was mutual.
Poor little kitty hid under the couch every chance she got.

We serves tres leche cake for dessert. So good!

Happiest 6th Birthday Cutie Pie!!

And thank you Ashlee for the pics.
I am definitely adding an i phone to my wish list.
Right beside (or above) that beach cruiser.
I have phone envy.

Oh and in case you all are wondering, the kids named her ROxie, my laundry room smells like a litter box, I have had 2 near nervous break downs (found her on my kitchen counter), gigi chokes her every single day, Sonny gets in a bad mood every time he sees her and I have found and canceled a "new home" for her more than once...
we love her...
well, in a "please don't live for 15+ years sort of way"
I know. Awful. But really, Who in the world can handle that litter box for that long!??
I am just taking it one day at a time and trying to appreciate all the wonderful things my kids are learning from a pet.
yeah. that sounds good.
I'll end with that.


Janette said...

Happy birthday lu lu! seriously SIX!!! what? Loved the party looked like a blast and the fabric garland is a perfect touch.
I SO relate to your new pet feelings. I feel such a love/hate relationship to our dog... they are hard very hard but you start getting used to them and every day gets easier.

Terry said...

Looked like a great, fun party! I love that girl.