Friday, October 7, 2011

Fancy Lulu

Bonjour everybody!
I'm Lulu and I want to tell you about my very special 6th birthday party that my mama and I threw
August 5th.
When my mama asked me what kind of party I wanted for my 6th birthday,
I knew I wanted it to be Glamorous and fabulous
so I turned to the Queen fashionista,
Fancy Nancy.
I told my mama..."Let's put on a fancy nancy party!!'
My mama was ecstatic!
(that's fancy for super excited)
We got to work studying all the fancy nancy books we could get our hands on
and then went shopping for the perfect accessories.
Of course we had to make sure we had lots of lavendar and I also wanted magenta
(that's a fancy word for hot pink, my favorite color!)
My daddy caught on to the excitement and made this invitation.
Isn't it lovely!?
We passed them out to all my friends.
I just couldn't leave anyone out, so we invited 19 guests.
My mama was a little worried about having that many girls over,
but I insisted that I would be a perfect hostess and do most of the entertaining.
Isn't the decor fabulous?
I just love the polka dot balloons.

Of course we just had to give out tiaras for party favors.
All my friends are princesses!
I got dressed in my best attire.
(that's a fancy word for fine clothing)
And of course that had to include a Boa!
Even my mama searched her wardrobe for her fanciest clothes!
Then all my guests arrived. I greeted them at the door.
Oui, Oui, Oui!!
They looked so gorgeous!
(even more beautiful that beautiful)
My mama read a fancy nancy book and taught us fancy manners.
We needed to learn good posture first,
so we balanced bananas on our head.
It was difficult, but everyone did fabulous!

It was so fun!
Then, my daddy lead us in a pin the jewel on the crown party.
Of course, we couldn't use real jewels,
so we improvised (to use whatever is handy) and cut circles out of sparkly paper.

Whoo! I am dizzy just looking at those pictures!
All that spinning made us extra hungry.
We decided that we needed some cupcakes to decorate and eat.
While we waited, we drew fancy pictures on our understated placemats.
(that's fancy for plain)

Ooh La la!
Look at my friends cupcakes!
Juliette had the idea to add feathers as a topper.
I told her she has such a knack for cake decorating!
My friends are so generous!
I felt like a queen opening all their gifts!

To end, we gave eachother makeovers and put on a fashion show.
(my mom recorded it...It's so zany. I love it)
Aren't they all exquisite!
Merci Mama!
It really was a perfectly glamorous party!

Well I guess it's time to say
Les Adieux
(that's goodbye in french)

And don't forget to be fancy!

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Madsen Updates said...

You are crazy!!! You were feeling bad about not going ALL OUT?? I think that party was FABULOUS!!! I love how you presented the post just like a Fancy Nancy Book!! You are the cutest Mom ever!!
Have fun in Florida...i'll pray for you!