Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tonight on KSL...

A special report on these two handsome men!!
Remember this post about my hubby and his dear friend Tuft??
Well, a friend of mine turned it into KSL news.
(thank you jamie!!)
And they are airing a story tonight on KSL at 5:00 about these two guys and their sweet friendship.

Ha. I am giggling to myself, because Sonny is going to kill me when he hears I posted this.
(on facebook too....shhhh...)
He is so paranoid about the interview.
It was suppose to be all about how the two have helped each other over the years
and how Sonny has helped Tuft over the last few.
Apparently, tuft wouldn't let Sonny touch him while KSL was filming.
He wanted everyone to see how independent he is. Haha! It cracks me up.
I hope the world (of Utah) does see how independent he is
and how awwwwsome he is too. ;)

Hope you can watch!

Update::Here is the link to the video. Thanks Sister for forwarding it. :)


Jodi said...

This was AMAZING. Truly inspiring.

Kendall and Katy said...

I saw this on facebook and I am truly inspired by their friendship. What a wonderful blessing to both their lives.

Ashlee said...

He should not be paranoid. They both did great and almost had me in tears. Love them both so much!

debbie joy said...

What an amazing friendship. We love them both. I am in tears right now