Sunday, November 20, 2011


It's tradition for the munchkins to coordinate their costumes every year.
I know that this may not always be the case, but so far I hear no complaints.
In fact, they LOVE collaborating ideas on what theme they want to go for each year.
This year, Lulu decided on Minnie Mouse (helped that we got the costume from friends. thanks parkers!)
The Rockstar was not feeling Mickey. He kept saying he wanted to be a "pirate."
Captain Jack?
Add Dumbo to the mix and our Disneyland theme was born!

 I have to say that this was definitely a favorite year for me as far as costumes go.
Each character just fit my chickie's personality perfectly.

Lulu's primary teacher (LOVE sister Marin!! and Dana!!) stopped me when she saw Lulu dressed up
as Minnie to tell me that there could not be a better fit for Lu than positively sweet Minnie Mouse.
I could not agree more.

Can't wait for next year.
There is already a debate between the Grinch and witches + ghosts.
Ha! I'm sure it will change about 12 times.
I'm pulling for the Grinch.
Wouldn't Gigi make the CUTEST Cindy Lou Who!??

Happy Halloween!!


Tricia Lovato said...

Love, love their costumes and agree that they 100% fit their personalities. I am pulling for the grinch too...that would be awesome. Gigi would make the stinkin cutest Cindy Lou Who.

Terry said...

Jack Sparo kills me. He's better looking (much) than Johny Depp. I mean he is just gorgeous!

Ashlee said...

ahhh I love the costumes! Little Rockstar makes the perfect Jack Sparrow!