Monday, November 21, 2011

Dinner in a Pumpkin.

October 30th.
Every year, the sunday before the the big spooky day, we invite a family over for our Dinner in a Pumpkin dinner.
(recipe:: Have your hubby gut a nice round pumpkin, let your munchkins make their mark, cook some stroganoff + brown rice, mix together, scoop into pumpkin, place top back on pumpkin, Bake on cookie sheet for an hour and a half at 375. Eat stroganoff dinner and peel off the pumpkin squash, butter and S&P to your heart's desire. Enjoy! :))
 I have a picture just like this from last year. The Rockstar always seems to struggle waiting his turn.
 This year, Gigi joined in too.

 Ha! Such mood swings with this one!

 captured by Lu.
 Bake time!

 This year we invited a favorite family of ours...the Skowernek's.
(sorry Nicole, I'm not sure I'll ever learn to spell your name right.)
 The kids were pretty enamored for the first 20 minutes with Jason's ipad.
I don't blame em, the thing is pretty sweet. 

 Me and Nicole.
What would I do without this adopted sister of mine!? Such a great girl.

 And Here is the finished product. I know the picture is horrible and it doesn't look too appetizing, but I swear it's good. Though this year I did learn that Sonny doesn't love eating the pumpkin "squash" Ha! 6 years into it, and I just now learn this. Good Grief! Why did I think he loved it?? I usually make pumpkin soup every year the week after with the leftovers...not sure about keeping up with that now that I learn he gags it down. :)

 Bri and Lu being sillies.
 Jason and Nicole joining in.
 Nicole and I got deep in conversation + giggles while the boys cleaned up.
The two of us can talk for hours.
and we did. :)

 Thank you Skowerneks for joining us this year!

Love this tradition! Seriously, I hope you try it.
Such a fun thing to look forward to.
And if you find any secrets to martha stewart it up a little bit, let me know.
Ha! Who am I kidding? I probably won't change a thing. :)

Oh, And for the record, the pumpkin squash is delicious.
and nutritious. :)

Happiest Traditions!!


Tricia Lovato said...

When I saw your post of this last year I decided I was going to try it. I even went as far as buying the extra pumpkin and talking it up with the kids alot. I have to do alot of convincing with them. Kylee was all excited about it but the boys were still a little weirded out by it. Well, Halloween seemed to fly by and where is the pumpkin sitting....still in my garage. Ready to be thrown away. I had good intentions though. Next year for sure I am going to try it :)

Terry said...

That looked like so much fun and the dinner looked yummy. I miss the kids and love them so much. Gigi looks so grown up with the pigtails.

nicole said...

You can tell who the photographer is around here...obviously NOT me. Sheesh! All my pics turned out orange! Sorry those were you only options to capture this amazing meal. This night was SO much fun. I love your tradition and I feel truly honored that you thought of us. Jason laughed hard about Shawn not liking the pumpkin. That just meant more for us! I loved this meal...creative, savory, healthy, scrumptious and enjoyed with my favorite people in world! XOXO