Thursday, December 1, 2011

Trick or Treat.

The kids were so excited to trick or treat the night away.
Even little Gigi seemed to grasp the concept. She walked around all day saying
Gigi want "Nandy"
The night was absolutely gorgeous!
(Remember how awful last year was??)
We ate some chili and cornbread with the Gouldings and then headed out.

Lulu. Lola.

Carrie. Me.
Cute Ray.
Our back door neighbors joined us as well.
(Sydney. Justin. Lyla. Josiah.)
They recently moved here from Hawaii, and bless their hearts, they thought it was FUHREEZING!
Ha! Just wait.
Gets so much worse.

Gigi quickly got the hang of things! Ha! The girl was in Heaven.
She refused to put any of her candy in her bucket all night long, 
but insisted on holding her treasure in her tiny fists.
I think she was afraid it would disappear if she lost sight of it.
I had to snap a picture of cute Sage passing out packets of Raw Stevia to the trick or treaters. ha! And I thought I was bad passing out fruit snacks and spider rings. Such health conscious neighbors. So awesome.

We hit the green court and Rock's BF (Tyler) join us as well as
Papa Smurf and Smurfette.
Dialma always goes all out on her girls costumes! Love it!

This was my last night before me and Gigi called it a night.
She couldn't hold onto one more piece with those tiny hands and I really wanted to get back home to pass out some goods to all the cute neighbor kids.
The oldies stayed and hit as many houses as they could.
They made a haul.
We let them eat to their heart's content for two days, then the candy got put up away and 
Sonny and I ate candy bars every day for the next 2 weeks. Blech.
And the stevia packets are still sitting in the pantry.
Time to get back to the gym and green smoothies. :)

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