Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just like his mama.

Do you have childhood memories of waking up in a somersault position?
What about hanging upside down off your bed?
Well, I do.
I was about the craziest sleeper around.
And not much has changed. 
It drove Sonny WILD our first few years of marriage how I would slowly twist completely sideways on our bed and take all the blankets with me.
(once I woke up with my head at the foot of our bed too)
He used to try to wake me up, but realized that was useless.
(I've slept through our fire alarm twice)
 (and bad mom moment: Sonny wakes up with the kids WAY more than me. I know. awful. I try to tell him to get me, but he says that is way too much work.)
He has finally given up and now joins me in my dance across our bed every night.
Bless his heart. He has learned to sleep sideways too (or move to the couch when it's really bad)

We have recently discovered that this problem is hereditary.
Exhibit A.
Yep. The Rockstar got my Awwwwesome slumber techniques.
We have found him at the foot of his bed, on the ground beside his bed, curled in a ball (somersault position), asleep on the stairs (I never did that), and of course his head hanging off the bed.

Sadly, that is not where the sleep genetics stop.
Like his mama, he grinds his teeth all night long, has a hard time falling asleep (we're deep sleepers once we get there, but it takes a while) and yes, just like me he has some wetting accidents...
I don't know how long it took me to realize that the shiny toilet was really just a dream and that if I made it to the ocean part...
then it was too late.

Oh wells. It's late. I'm leaving it.

Sonny just read this and wanted me to clarify...
I don't have accidents anymore.
I totally stopped that around 11 (ahem 13ish). 
My apologies dana caldwell and her poor couch. ;)


carrie said...

I love your guts! at least you didn't poop your pants when you were like 10 (in a mummy sleeping bag in your sleep) I still can't figure out how it happened? Crazy scary dream I suppose?!

Jodi said...

This was just so funny! I had my share of "accidents" as well. I couldn't get my snow suit off fast enough when I was like 11 or so. Haha!

Dana said...

hahaha, Oh Kristin. Unless you were a bed wetter, you just don't understand. Luckily, I was, so you chose the right couch. Seriously, so many reasons we were meant to be friends :)

nicole said...

Only you can make me laugh out loud sitting alone at my computer. Thank you for the clarification...I was starting to wonder.

Terry said...

I am laughing my head off!

Kristal said...

LOL! Jason and Sophie are the crazy sleepers in our family. I love reading your lbog and seeing how you are doing. Your kids are getting so big! and are freakin' adorable. Hope you guys have a great Christmas! Let's get together sometime:)

Madsen Updates said...

I've had that dream of the shiny toilet also...but I was about 8 and sleeping with my parents since I had just had a nightmare right before. :) Oops!
I have slept through a fire alarm that went off for about 45 min. at my first Rebelette Dance camp. Everyone went out to the parking lot...they did a count and realized I wasn't there. They had to send guys up to kick down my door. Slept through the WHOLE thing. They bust the door open to find my peacefully sleeping in my cozy bed. Haha...everyone was not happy with me the next day. :)