Sunday, December 11, 2011

Celebrating Gigi

December 2nd
Gosh. I love this girl.
So crazy to think that 2 years has flown by since we brought our Christmas babe home.
What an absolute gift she is...

to all of us.

(Okay. Pretend this is a new post below. haha! I am too lazy to do it, but now that I have the pics all loaded on here, I definitely realize that it needs to be separated. I'll get to it in the blog book. :))
We celebrated our tiny gal with a big dinner at chuck a rama.
(gigi had the stomach bug a few days before and sonny and i weren't feeling so hot, so i was a little worried that this might not be the best decision...but a little fresh air, good friends, and a few scones had us all feeling pretty good after a while.)
Birthday girl tankin up on some mac n cheese.
Weiss's, Skowronek's and Olson's joined us to celebrate.
As you can imagine, we were a rowdy bunch.

Gigi was so thrilled with all the attention.

Oh, how I wish I could climb into that little head.
What is she thinking?
Hope it's how loved she is.
Make a wish baby girl.
Afterwards, we headed to SJ's light the night for the 2nd year in the row.
The kiddos love this for the free ice skating, cookies + hot chocolate, santa, hay rides, and caroling.

The Rockstar with his bud, Tyler.
(BTW tyler is amazing on the ice...helps that his parents are practically hockey pros.
So fun to watch him cruise around)

My sis and fam made it for the festivities
{chris and erica also came, but they were right on time and us an hour late (still feel awful), so we didn't get much time with them. :( }

We ended the night with hot chocolate and a christmas movie at the library next door.

Thanks to all who came to celebrate our

She sure felt loved
and so did we. :)

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Janette said...

Ahh I love your little fam. Too cute! I can't believe Gigi's she is growing like a weed and her hair it's getting so long. Looked like a blast!