Friday, December 2, 2011

A letter to the Queen.

Dearest Gigi,
How in the world did you turn 2 today!? I would say that it is shocking to think of you growing up, but the truth is the past couple of months, you really have grown up. It must have been taking that bottle away. Darn it. You just don't seem so babyish to me anymore and it makes me sad and ecstatic at the same time. You're personality is really coming out now and we are realizing what a strong, energetic, sweet, stubborn, loving, fun, hot tamale you are! You are constantly chattering and saying complete sentences (when in the world did that happen!?) and you are keeping up with the big kids now! It is so fun to watch you interact and get into the pretend right along with your brother and sister. You really have the cutest personality in the world and we are all wrapped around your finger with that darling smile and those great big blue eyes of yours. I'm pretty sure I have thought this a lot of different years of my life, but I am convinced that this time it's for real...these are the best years! We are having so much fun as a family and I can't help but think it's because you are here and we are all feeling quite complete... for a little while. I always want to remember exactly who you were/are as a 1-2 year old. I hope this letter does cute little you justice. You're one of a kind little woman, and I hope you don't change a bit!

You adore your big brother and HE ADORES YOU!! I don't think I have ever witnessed a more protective brother than that one of yours. He is constantly watching over you and making sure that you are okay. Every morning you wake up at the crack of dawn and head over to the Rocks room to get him up too (you gave up on Lu a long time ago. She's a sleeper). The two of you then start playing Legos on his lego table until your tummies win over and you two come dragging down the stairs asking for cereal or a gumball (the little stinker brother has figured out that if you ask for the gumball, I won't usually say no to avoid a fit. he convinces you all the time to come up to me and say "mama, I want gumball.") You two can play for hours and hours and watching it makes me realize that this bond really must be from an eternity ago. It is just so natural for the two of you.

Lulu is as sweet as can be with you too. She thinks you are the cutest. And you can send her into the giggles like nobody else can. It is usually when you get mad at her and hit her, like I don't know, when she takes one of your 5 spoons at dinner time or something. Ha! You can be a feisty little thing. You love playing with Lu and her friends though. Your favorite is Athena ("Thena"). Probably because she is completely smitten with you and loves to baby you.

You have the cutest high pitched giggle. It sends us all into a fit whenever we hear it. You love to be tickled and teased. Just tonight, Daddy was putting your boot on your head and you were getting the biggest kick out of it! It's making me chuckle just to think about it. It is squeaky and squealy and perfect.

And speaking of high pitchy things....let's talk about your scream. It hits a whole new octave. You aint afraid of getting mad and letting us all know how you feel. It's awesome. midnight? no. But sometimes, I really do think it's awesome.

You are so feminine. You love makeup. You play with my lipstick every day while I get ready and you love hearing that you look puurtty. You have a pair of high heels that Miss Mckelvey gave you as hand me downs and you love walking around in those things. 

You love baby dolls. You play mommy all the time, tromping around in your heels, holding a purse, and pushing your stroller. You love giving your babies kisses and cuddles too. You are asking Santa for a "Baby doll!" this year and you are the one that decided on it. (I personally think we have enough.)

You are a Daddy's girl. I mean really a daddy's girl. If he is around, you won't let me near you. If I try to take you while he is doing something one handedly and holding you, you will throw a fit. You cry every time he puts his coat on, because you know he must be leaving. When Daddy is not around, you are attached to me. I guess I'll take 2nd (or maybe it's 3rd, because I'm pretty sure the Rockstar is above me)

You call your sister "Chot" and your brother "Dado" Haha! It is the strangest thing. We can get you to say words like Christmas, but yet every time we say their names for you to sound out you reply with the same enthusiastic "Chot and Dado!" It's amazing.

You give the best dirty looks. Honestly, I think you can hold your own in a stare down with anyone. I think I get about 12 crusty's a day. Daddy and I are always laughing trying to imitate it. We can't do it justice though. You furrow your eyebrows down and look through your eyelashes in such a's pure talent I tell you! Pure talent.

You're terrified, and I mean terrified, of the garbage truck. Anytime you hear it, you come running for my arms and clutch me around the neck so tightly it breaks my heart. You really don't like any loud sounds...helicopters, planes, the school bell, anything. The other day I made bread and had left the wheat grinder on the counter plugged in. You were sitting up on the barstool and flipped on the switch. The noise scared you so bad, I had to hold you for a good 15 minutes to stop the shaking. 

You give such great kisses and the tightest hugs. Oh my goodness, those tiny little arms wrapped around me can make the hardest day bearable. You give them to everyone about 10 times after family prayer. We all love it.

You say "N-YO!" a lot and you mean it. Such a stubborn little thing, and you know what 89% of the time I love it. I have always had a bit of a hard time saying no and so I love seeing your strong sense of what you want and don't want. I know that this could be a case of the 2's, but something tells me you will always be a strong and self assured girl. I sure hope so. Don't you change.

You have become a terrible sleeper. I was up at 2 in the morning with you last night. You are constantly out of your bed and Daddy and I are beside ourselves at night time. Oh well, after 3 kids I have learned that it is only a stage and that you'll eventually get back into a routine with some consistency. We bought you a music puppy a couple of weeks ago that has seemed to help a little. You love to be sung to.

You have a little friend. Sara. I watch her every week for an hour and as long as I don't pick her up to hold her, you love her to pieces. You call out for her to follow you everywhere while you show her around the house. Sara is a lot more mellow than you, so you two seem to be a perfect fit.

You're a pretty terrible eater. cheese. milk. yogurt. cereal. oatmeal. candy. You will drink a green smoothie on occasion, but everything else is usually a hit and miss. If I put something nutritious down in front of you, you'll usually push it away, stick out your tongue, and say "No! That's YUCK!" Drives me bonkers. (makes your daddy laugh)You'll come around though. I know it... yeah, I'm just going to keep saying that over and over...

I'm not sure if you love our cat or hate her. Several times a day, I will see you pushing her face around and saying "NO NO Titty!!" But then other times, you are holding her upside down (tail in the face) and carrying her around the house. Poor thing is about as tolerant as they come.

You have some wild scraggly hair. I'm pretty sure it all grows forward. If I don't put it back in ponies than you look a little like cousin IT. It is so funny how you don't seem to mind it either. You'll run around with a blanket of hair over your eyes all morning long. It seems impossible to see through that mop, but you sure seem to manage.

You won't keep your arms in your car seat. I have never had a child do this. The second we get you all buckled and safe, you yank down the top buckle and pull your arms out. Augh! It is only a matter of time before we pull out the duck tape....but then I would need scissors to get you out everytime?? (Suggestions people!)

You have the best little smell in the world. I can't describe it. Just so sweet and beautiful. I wish I could bottle it up and always have it...along with your giggle, your expressions, and your cute little voice. 

You pull at all of our heart strings Miss Gigi. I just asked Daddy what he wanted to add on here and he said "Oh my goodness! She is just the little light of my life. Such a doll and so darn cute." He sure loves you little one. You're a lucky girl.

Well, Pookie, I hope you know that you are adored. You have such a presence about you and you have brightened up our home with your big personality. I am so grateful to have you as my little baby, and I can't wait to watch you take on the world! It had better watch out!
You're perfect in every single way and I will ALWAYS be here to hold you and love on you. Kisses!

Most darling face in creation.



Becky Hill said...

She is SO dang CUTE!!

Tricia Lovato said...

What a beautiful girl! I can't believe she is 2. Such a sweetheart. I LOVE reading your bday letters. They are something your kids will treasure FOREVER! You are an amazing Mommy! Love ya!

Amy Jones said...

can't believe she's 2!

Sam and Lacey said...

Happy birthday GiGi. You are so cute! I love your letters Kristin. You are the best mom ever!

Terry said...

She is beautiful. I love her so much. Happy Birthday Gigi You are so grown up. Can't believe it.

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday sweet and darling little Gigi!
Miss K! You are such a wonderful writer and mother! Love you lots!

debbie joy said...

She is definitely a little fire cracker. I love that she has spit!! My favorite part of your blog is the B-day letters. The ones you write about will treasure them forever. Love you all Mom

Ashlee said...

Love little Gigi. Love the pictures. And I LOVE your birthday letters. They are the cutest!