Sunday, December 4, 2011

Grandma Lupe.

Well the stomach flu has hit our family in full force and I am today's victim. Blech.
Sonny and the kids are at church right now, and I decided get my greasy self off the couch and blog for a bit before I forget some of the hilarious happenings lately.
Starting with Grandma Lupe.
See the Rockstar is in love with his primary teachers and I hear the feeling is mutual.
They are always telling us how he just cracks them up in class with his jokes, silly faces, and when they're lucky, somersaults off his chair.
Well 2 weeks ago, Sonny went to pick the Rockstar up from class and Sister Petty told Sonny that she was still laughing over the Rockstar's comment during her lesson.
Here's the story.
Sister Petty was teaching the youngens about Eternal families. She told them that one of the reasons that she was grateful for the sealing ordinances was because she would be able to see HER Grandma Lupe again one day and that she would be able to live forever with her Grandma Lupe.
(this is where the Rockstar interjected)
"Wait. Wait. Wait. I'm going to live with Grandma Lupe forever!? BUT I don't even KNOW Grandma Lupe!!"
Haha! They were all cracking up!
I love you so much little boy!
Thank you for making me laugh every single day.
Just this morning you cheered me up after a case of the pukes by wacking yourself in the head with Daddy's shoe and singing to me.
You're the greatest
and I am so grateful that you are ours for 

Grandma Lupe will have to visit too sometime. :)

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Mark and Brynne Rose said...

Your Fam is so cute and I can't believe how big your kids are!! Hope you feel better and you and the Fam are doing well!!