Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sonny slept with a shot gun last night.

Well, because my friends, that is what you do when you are missing your front door.
 Yep. that's right.
Sonny and I are both rather spontaneous
which leads us into doing things without thinking them completely through
like all the time.
Here's the story.
We didn't have much to do yesterday, so I was like
"we should paint the front door!"
(We'd been talking about it for a few months, but hadn't gotten around to it. Okay. We're spontaneous procrastinators?)
He was like. "sure!'
We picked out a purple color (matched my favorite shirt)
Sonny unscrewed the door, taped off the garage, and started spraying.
Sounds harmless right? 
Well, it would have been
had it been started before 4pm and I dunno....
What were we thinking!?
The paint wasn't drying.
In fact, it was dripping wet and starting to freeze come 8pm
Sonny left for another trip to the Depot to pick up a space heater for the door
and the kids and I ate dinner in our winter coats.
We started realizing that this was not going to be fixed before bedtime.
Sonny hung up a blanket to keep some heat in then rounded up every chair we own
(+ the vaccuum cleaner + a coat rack)
{and as it has been brought to my attention in the comments...a glass vase which i asked sonny about and he said "yeah, to hear the glass break." Ha. love him.}
for our own rigged security system
(apparently if a burglar were to come in thru the blanket to murder us and take everything, he would be stopped by the barstools, or atleast wake up Sonny sleeping on the couch who could quickly load his rifle and fire away.)
 Happy to say, we survived the night.
And so did my new door.
Cute. right?
(or crazy?)
 I'm too tired to look for a before pic, but it used to be a boring brown.
Now it's sh-amazing.

Going in my gratitude journal tonight:
a purple door
a man who will agree to it
and a thermostat reading 73.

oh yeah, and no run ins with burglars.
and shot guns ;)


carrie said...

cute cute door Kristin! Nice work you two!

nicole said...

Holy cow...YOU DID IT!!! I love it. Maybe I'll have to do a drive by tomorrow so I can see it in person (don't worry, no guns involved on this one). "Spontaneous procrastinator" is officially my new favorite phrase. Love it, almost as much as I love you!!


Rachel said...

LOVE it!!! And you are beautiful!!

The Dabo's said...

My favorite part is the glass vase. Genius.

The Bubblegum Chronicles said...

haha! I didn't even notice the glass vase!! Just asked Sonny...yep part of the system! Ha!

erica said...

ha funny. the more i think about it maybe its just that our boys aren't cut out for door painting - we had the worst of luck even in the summer!! the paint started peeling for some strange reason (maybe the heat?) and cotton was getting stuck to it everywhere.
granted we were better off without a door for the night because it was summer and not freezing cold. ha.
your experience makes for a good story though :)
and its done now!...another thing you can check off that list :)

Tricia Lovato said...

Love, love it! I am going to have to walk by today and check it out. The pictures look beautiful. Love the color. Kylee will FREAK out! Purple is indeed her FAVORITE color!!!! You do have an amazing husband that will do anything to make his SUPER amazing wife happy.

Love you!

Dana said...

I am dying to see the whole house with it. How fun! I am so sad we didn't make it to the festival of trees. I have heard it's amazing, but never been. And, oh my, your baby is so dang cute. Seriously, can your baby be my baby's girlfriend some day? I promise he will be a good boy.

Terry said...

I love the door

Trav and Britt said...

oh my gosh! ha ha! i laughed so hard at this, you are seriously hilarious! and i like your purple door too!:) i had to catch up on a few posts, the tree festival looks like a lot of fun, and i can't believe your little one is 2! i still remember reading about when she was born! crazy!!