Sunday, December 11, 2011

Festival of Trees!

 December 3rd

(still can't believe she did this. must be 2!)

 This was our first time at the festival
and we will never miss it again.
I'm not sure what I was expecting...but I was definitely overwhelmed with that wonder filled place.
The trees were amazing.
And almost all had been sold.
This was heartwarming since all the proceeds go to Primary Childrens
(a place dear to my heart this time of year)
It was awesome to see all the heart and generosity that goes into this fundraiser.
One tree sold with a grand piano that was donated.
Sonny and I decided that one day, we definitely want to buy one.
(wouldn't that be fun!)
We will NEVER miss out on this again.
Honestly, probably going to be one of our favorite things we did this season.

beautiful trees, dances on stage, amazing scones with cinnamon butter, designer gingerbread houses, crafts, inspirational stories, service, all things Christmas
and a giant bubble maker.

Woo-Hoo. It was great.


Tricia Lovato said...

We didn't make it this year and I was so bummed. I love Festival of Trees. I would also love to buy one of the trees one day.

Love the Bubble dang cool!

nicole said...

Sorry we ditched you guys this year :( I'm sad we missed it. Next year, it's a date. Love the pictures!