Thursday, January 19, 2012


Okay, So it has been over a month since I blogged.
I know.
But we have been laying low and recovering from all the Holiday craze...
spending our days watching Tangled (is that not the best movie evah), lying around in our jammies,
and not brushing our hair.
(see above)
Haha! I am framing that picture.
No actually, we have been having a bit of a busy January and like all the good ones of the past
We have decided to accomplish all our lofty year long goals in a month....
like finishing all the painting in our house
(we are 3 rooms away from claiming that we have painted our entire house. woo to the hoo!)
And I started a "yeast cleanse" diet
Don't ask.
Seriously, I'll bite your head off.
No sugar, no vinegar, no yeast,
no fun.
I will post more on that at a later time with some new yummy green smoothies.
For now, I just want to announce that I am back in business.
I'll be catching up with Christmas and everything this weekend. :)

And Thanks Tricia for inspiring me to get back on blog land tonight.
I'm glad I got a fan in you. Love you! :)


Tricia Lovato said...

Yay! Do you see me jumping up and down? I have missed your posts. And of course totally LOVE the picture!!! She is adorable even with crazy hair. We have been enjoying some lazy PJ days too. However, today its not even 10 am I am showered, makeup on, hair done, laundry started and the house picked up....something must be wrong. Or maybe it was your positive words last night that helped :) I will always be one of your #1 fans! Love you!

Terry said...

Yea!Love the hair on GIGi

Jodi said...

Yay! Yay! Triple Yay!

carrie said...

Whoo to the hoo is right sista! so glad your back! I LOVE that picture!

erica said...

Yeast cleanse? And why would you do such a thing like that? Sugar and yeast are about all I consume. And I'd probably be surprised how much vinegar too.
Good luck!!!!
You are a much stronger woman than me.