Monday, January 23, 2012

8 years.

{WARNING::this may get mushy}

Oh my goodness! I have been dying to do this post!
Sometimes I just get so excited to relive an experience thru this blog
and this is definitely one of those times.
December 27, 2011
Sonny and I celebrated 8 years of marriage!
I know. Holy Crud!!
We had such a ball, but I swear you're not going to know it looking at these pictures! Ha!
We did though.
It was perfect.
A little ghetto.
But perfect.
And it all started early December when my mom offered to watch the babies for 2 whole nights (2 whole nights!) while we enjoyed some time together.
Well of course we jumped at the opportunity, but we knew that we needed to keep it all under budget with the holidays.
(side note: If you ever have a daughter who thinks that it is a great idea to get married 2 days after Christmas tell her "Heck to the No!")
Well, we started shopping around hotels in Pocatello, Idaho
(which has the highest star rating of 2 1/2. suuuuuweeeet.)
but everything was over $100!?
One Sunday afternoon, I got a little antsy and decided to priceline a hotel for $49 just to see what we would get 
(thinking no way will anything accept)
Well.....I was wrong....
I think the popcorn ceiling in the pic below can do the explaining for me.
Yep people, that is the Clarion Hotel.
One of Poky's finest 30 year old establishments.
This place is complete with paper thin walls, dirty baseboards, and drive up to the door parking.
It also has cold hot tubs and broken boards in the sauna.
But, and I am not kidding when I say this,
We had the greatest time together!
The next 2 days we slept a lot and ran around to all my favorite places 
like The Works (best BBQ sandwhich in the nation) and Mongolian BBQ 
(the same little old lady runs the place who did back in my HHS days when I would drag Mitch Murdock and Kevin Weston there for lunches.).
We hit up the $2 theatre for Money Ball (so good!) and Real Steel (even better!).
We shopped at antique stores and my favorite thrift shops.
We ate Oreo Mcflurry's at 1 in the morning.
Jamba juice and pumpkin muffins for brunch.
And we watched the entire first season of Parenthood.
(love that show)

It was so nice to have nothing to do, but just date and hang out.
No expectations to ruin anything.

Sonny surprised me with a sweet card (mushy just the way I like em)
and he squeezed into his skinny jeans...cause he knows I melt when he wears them.
Gosh. I felt loved.
This is right outside the movie theatre.
Enjoying some Mongolian Barbecue.

I am honestly shocked that this hole in the wall (located behind a gas station) is still operating.
It really is such a dive and the salad bar is always luke warm at best,
but I am telling you the noodles, veggies, meat, and sauces all stirfried together by a 4 foot 10
sweet asian's magic.

The next day, (our actual anniversary) was really similar to the first.
movies. sleep. books. eat. parenthood. lots and lots of parenthood.
That night, we ate at Cafe Rio for Taco Tuesday
(tacos for only $1.50!)
and we ran into a family who I used to babysit for.
And get this, the little tiny "baby" who I used to change diapers for is 18!!!!!
What the!?
It was so fun to catch up, but I kept staring at him and remembering when I would run into some "old" mom telling me she could remember when I was just wee big and not potty trained.
Freak. I swear I can't be that old. It was crazy.
Sonny and I sat for over an hour tanking on the hibiscus lemonade (I swear we got a little tipsy with it) and laughing at ourselves for having our anniversary dinner at cafe rio for taco tuesday.
So funny what 8 years will do to you,
but I think it is for the better.
We're best of friends and anywhere feels 5 star with him
(hey, it's my anniversary post. I can be as corny as I want to)
Oh and we bought a fan from an antique store.
It was only $7 and I don't know, we fell in love.
(blame it on all the episodes of American Pickers we watch?)
We swear it was the deal of the century and it works like a champ.
This made us decide on a new tradition of antiquing wherever we are on our anniversary.
It was just fun wandering around the shops and seeing what we could find.
So that is it.
Our 8 year celebration in a nut shell.

And since I am always slacking in the card giving department...
Thank you::
 For always having a good time no matter what.
For loving me so completely I would have never known it was possible had I not experienced it.
For thinking I'm a "hottie"
For endless hugs.
For being the softest place to fall.
For always being on my side.
For believing in me.
For supporting me.
For making me a mother and trusting that I'll do a good job.
and more than anything, for just being exactly who you are.
I love your guts!
So glad I had the 20 year old sense to say yes 8 years ago.

Happy Forever!

*okay, you can all stop throwing up in your mouths now.
I'm done :)


Becky Hill said...

Cute post!! Happy Anniversary!!

Kendall and Katy said...

Happy Anniversary! I have to say I live and have lived in Blackfoot almost my whole life and I have never eaten at the places mentioned. I'll admit some of the restaurants in Poky seem a little ghetto, but if you say they are great I just might have to give them a try! Some of those hole in the wall joints have some of the best food! AND .... your post about the Pine Ridge Mall cracked me up! SO true.

Tricia Lovato said...

So glad you guys were able to have such a relaxing and wonderful Anniversary. I would love a ghetto Anniversary break. No need to spend lots of $ on something fancy when all you need is each other. Those are the best kind of times. I didn't think it was too mushy. This is how it should be for the rest of your lives :) Love you guys!

Terry said...

So glad that you found each other. I love you both and of course the kiddies.

Janette said...

That was an adorable post! you guys are so cute! Happy 8th anniversary

Trav and Britt said...

happy anniversary :) it sounds like you had so much fun together! it's good to know that maybe we really did know something when we were 20, that's when i got married too! we were just wee babes! ;) too funny

Sam and Lacey said...

LOVED it! You two are too cute. Miss you guys.