Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas at the Pineridge Mall

I grew up in the fairly small town of Pocatello, Idaho
(and though I don't want to live there now)
I loved every single second of it.
There are just so many little quirks and magical places there like....
The Pineridge Mall.
Quite possibly the most pathetic shopping center in the US of A
and yet it almost never changes.
The same Vanity that I bought matching green corduroy overalls (hey they were "in") with Dana Caldwell for $5 (should have been our first clue) is still standing in the same little sacred spot.
This is where I ate my first cow poke (corndog) and cheese poke (like a corndog, but processed cheese instead of a sick).
In Jr High I rode the bus with my friends just about every weekend to that mall to hang out at the food court and try to meet boys.
And It was there that I bought the matching Mossimo T shirts for my first Highschool dance
(I was totally 15 and went behind my parents back...sorry I had to save all my lunch money for a month to afford them...again sorry mom)
Anyways, You get the point. I love this place.
So of course whenever we go back for a visit, I have to go and pay my respects at the old stomping ground.
I enjoy it always, but my absolute favorite time to go there is Christmas Eve.
I LOVE being a part of the hustle and the bustle
and finding a central bench to just sit back and people watch.
(Trust me, you have not people watched until you have done it in Pocatello Idaho...the best!)
So December 24th 2011 we kept the tradition and hung out there for a good 2 1/2 hours.
My parent's refused to join us.
They think the place is a little pathetic. Crazy!
Luckily Sonny is a good sport and he and the kids joined me.
It was a blast.
(totally helped my case that there was a playground + santa for entertaining)

One of the best Santa's ever!
Gigi refused to be anywhere close to him, but the older kittens were dying with excitement!
(Seriously, don't let the Rockstar's face fool you. He was loving every second of that jolly man)

We stayed a little longer and walked around to see if I would see anyone I knew.
I saw one boy and hid.
Haha! I don't know why I always get nervous for those awkward reunions.

Thank you Pineridge mall
for keeping me humble with your year late fashions,
for all the weekend entertainment,
and for giving me a place to come "home" too.

I'll see you next year. same time. same place. :)


Erin_C said...

so funny. what is it about the Pineridge mall that makes it so wonderful? I always have to go when I get back to Poky, and my husband thinks I'm crazy :)

Kristal said...

How did Gigi get so big!?!? Seriously, she is getting so grown up. I love the bed head picture below. Classic.

Dana said...

Hey, we ripped Vanity off with those overalls! They were worth atleast $5 in fabric alone, not to mention style points! Hahaha, where were our moms on that one? Love me some Pine Ridge Mall!! PS- we need to chat about how awful it was for your hubby to repaint your cabinets white. And, I'm coming over to your house before February starts -K