Monday, January 23, 2012


Christmas morning was full of joy.
Every one got just what they asked for.
Lulu::Kit, The American Doll
Rocks::a basket ball and a note from Santa that something big was waiting for him at home (Hoop)
Gigi::A baby doll

Afterwards, we all got ready to head to sacrament meeting.
I just LOVE when Christmas is on a Sunday...just feels right.

If you are ever looking for a baby doll to give your yougen,
I HIGHLY recommend Baby Alive All Gone
Of course, Santa got this one for her, but I hear it's only $15 ;)
worth every single penny and more.
talking to Uncle Derrick and cousin Talen on skype.

Sorry. Just couldn't choose between the two family pics.
I am seriously so lucky to have these 4 in my life.

The Rockstar's gift to me. Cutie Pie.
My parent's looking thru their gift from us.
Always a book of our family's last reunion.
So glad they loved it.

I love how excited she can get. This reaction?
Realizing that the cute jammies came with a matching one for her AG doll.

And little man loved everything.
Such a sweetie.

Lulu surprised us all with gifts that she had boughten at a fund raiser at school.
Our gifts::
Me:: a little glass rose in a jar (think sleeping beauty) sadly it broke in the package :( so sweet of her though.
Gi::a bouncy ball and a slinky.
Rocks:: A "BIU" (BYU) cup
Daddy:: ha. well look for yourself.

I would have to agree, He really is the 
Such a perfect day.
One filled with my great little family, some gifts, a lot of love,
and remembrance of the Savior.
I really am so grateful for all that I have in my life.

Happy CHRISTmas!!!


A said...

So cute!! Loved your Christmas card by the way!!

Tricia Lovato said...

Love it! Scott gave the rose thing to Kylee was cute. It didn't work but she still loves it! I do have to agree he is an awesome Dad and you are an amazing Mom too. Perfect match I would say :)

Lisa said...

You are such a good mama to keep up on all these wonderful moments :) Love your cute little fam!