Thursday, August 2, 2012

Toys for Afghanistan

My friend's husband is working over in Afghanistan.
(We're all pretty sure he is CIA or something cool like that)
He has been all over the world and the area that he is in right now has shocked him with their poverty.
The girls are all sold by the age of 12 just so the families can make it.
He said that the simplest things would bring them so much joy.
Of course, that put my friend on a mission and she spread the word to get some gifts to the kids
in Afghanistan. We absolutely wanted to be involved.
The kids took charge picking out blankets, hair bows, hot wheels, and making bracelets.

11 bracelets.
3 blankies.
9 hotwheels.
4 hairbows.
5 very warm hearts.

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Tricia Lovato said...

Just like their Mommy and Daddy....willing and loving to serve others! You have the best little family! I think this world need more families like yours :)