Sunday, August 12, 2012


Sequoia Joy Hatch
July 12, 2012
19 inches
7:02 pm
My darling sister invited me to the birth of my little neice Sequioa.
It was hands down one of the most precious moments of my life.
I barely made it too.
My sister was in labor all day and only dilated to a 3.
I told her to call me when she was at a 5 and I would head to Provo.
At about 5:30 (still dilated to about a 4), I told Sonny that I wanted to go ahead and drive down there,
so I could at least see my sister for a little bit.
We grabbed a bite to eat and were a few blocks away from the hospital when Melanie
(Ciara's MIL) called my phone and asked where I was.
She told me I better step on it, because the baby was coming!
Sonny sped like the man I love, got to the hospital, and I flew thru the halls and got there just in time.
Melanie had called me at 6:50, and Sequoia was born at 7:02, so I cut it close.
It was just amazing to be in that sacred room and witness something so entirely beautiful as birth.
She has a beautiful spirit and we all fell head over hills in love with this little being.
Ciara and Tyler teased us the whole pregnancy that her middle name would be Moonbeam.
(They're such hippies!)
We had all come to terms with it, but then they went ahead and gave her the namesake
Sequioa Joy
Moonbeam has sorta stuck though.

Thank you Sister for allowing me to be a part of your special day.
Love you!

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The Hatch's said...

Thanks for posting this. So glad you made it in time! Love you lots.