Sunday, August 12, 2012

Moving Update

Finally caught up on this thing...well, kinda.
The past week has been a whirlwind!
Packing, cleaning, visiting, and trying to fit in all of our last activities in this area.
Our neighbors/friends have been amazing as usual,
watching kids, bringing meals, and shedding some tears to make us know we will be missed.
It is crazy how fast everything has gone.
I cannot believe that we will be outta here in two more days.
Today, was our last Sunday and I think my heart nearly broke in two listening for the last time
my Young Women sing my favorite song "A Child's Prayer"
They all brought a flower from their yard too to give me in a vase.
I know. So tender!
I just love them.

The kids are doing okay. The Rockstar is starting to give us a bit of a run with the tantrums,
but I am coming to know that is how he deals with hard change.
I'm not sure they even realize how much life is going to change.
We are going from a ward that is jam packed with kids (seriously, 4 nurseries)
to a ward that may not even have a primary (if rumors are true)

And that brings me to my next point,
we found a home to rent.
I haven's seen it.
Sonny picked it out and we are renting from some great people that Sonny does some work for
from time to time.
It is an older home (built in 80's) and I don't know much about the inside, but the yard seems amazing::
splash pad, rock slide, huge trees, firepit, swing set, tree house with tube slide, built in BBQ,
basket ball court, and in ground trampoline. 
I know. Who needs to see the inside!?
We are excited for this new adventure and we know it is right,
so it makes it a teeny tiny bit easier to leave our home.

Oh and we met the family who bought our house today at church.
They seem great! I am so excited (and maybe a little envious) for them to get to enjoy this place
as we have.

We are off to a "going away potluck" now.
Our last time with some of the greatest people I know.
I have so many emotions that I feel brewing in the pit of my stomach.
Sadness, anxiety, excitement, loss, happiness,
but most overwhelmingly
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to live in such a place for the past 4 years.
I can see God's hand in it all and it makes everything a lot less scary knowing he is in charge.

Thank you.
for absolutely everything.

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Ashley said...

Boo Hoo! You will for sure be missed! Happy adventures in St. George!!!!

ps I think you can link to my blog from this.
-Ashley Williams