Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lake Powell

June 8th-11th
Sam and Lacey invited Sonny and I on a "Couples Only" (sounds spicy) Lake Powell trip this year.
Wow. We had the greatest time.
This was actually our first trip to Powell together.
I tease Sonny all the time that one of the biggest reasons I married him was because I thought 
it would be guaranteed that he would take me to this favorite place of mine all the time.
(He went off all the time when we were first dating that his family practically lived at this lake)
Apparently, not, because like I said we have never been together.
I almost forgot just how spectacular Lake Powell is too.
It is honestly the most gorgeous place on Earth and I wouldn't choose anywhere over it.

I took a bunch of pictures to prove it too, but one of my kiddies got to my SD card.
It's missing, and no one is fessing up to it,
so all I got is this pic stolen from Lace's blog (thanks dear) of the girlies.
::from left to right:: 
Regina, Lacey, Melissa, Susan, and Me.
I will post the others as soon as I find my card 
probably shoved in the waffle maker or some light socket somewhere.
And you thought you had problems!

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