Saturday, August 11, 2012

Family Reunion::Zion

{July 1-7}
This year's reunion took place in St George instead of Idaho (gonna miss this place).
Of course, we had a fabulous time like always. It was so great to see Chaud and his family.
My kids just love these cousins and since we live several hours away, these annual get togethers
are all the more precious.
We started the trip out with some hiking in Zion.
There was some debate on whether or not we really wanted to go to zion
or if we just wanted to say that we know "be that kind of family who actually goes out into nature" instead of the family "who sits around playing cards and watching modern family all day" :)
We decided to give it a try and by golly we had a mostly fantastic time despite some tantrums from the rockstar. geez.
Here are the pics to prove we spent some time in nature.

 oops :)

See we are totally a family who hikes and enjoys the mountains.
(though it will probably only be a once a year thing)

And Hopefully the squirrels will survive the graham crackers.
freak. maybe we don't belong in the wild after all.

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