Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dancing Queen

{June 5th}
Lulu's Dance Recital.
 Lulu practiced and trained for this big day for months.
I am pretty sure she was WAY more excited for the costume than the actual performance.
The darling thing could not get enough of herself in the mirror :)
Such a beauty.

 Waiting for the big performance...
 And please insert some amazing photos of her dance right here.
My sweet husband cleaned up my computer for me and we have lost several pictures.
(clenched teeth smile and remembering a scripture about forgiving 70 x 7....grrrr)
 Anywho:)  after the performance we were all there to greet her,
except for brother who had a party to attend to.

 So happy to have Brynnlee with us to cheer on Lu as well.

And that's a wrap!

You did a stand up job Lulu!!
We couldn't be more proud!


Tricia Lovato said...

Gorgeous! I can see why she was excited about that costume....I love it! Husbands....its a good thing they are cute huh ;)

Terry said...

Oh she is sooo beautiful!