Friday, August 3, 2012

The Rockstar Celebrated::Part 1

{June 18th}
Gymnastics Party
 The Rockstar made my life easy this year and requested a "nastics party" at the local gym.
The kids had such a ball and I have to say that returning to a clean house at the end
sort of made me a believer in the whole "rent a party" thing.

 Cule Lileigh.

 Gosh. I love this picture.
so much.
 And this one.
Gigi totally giving Ben the stink eye.

 Tyler is the pro around here.
 Here he is climbing to the top.
He will seriously be an olympian one day!

Happiest Day Spidey Man!
Sure do love you!

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Terry said...

Oh how I love that Spider Man. Cutest boy. Happy Birthday!