Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's official....We're packing up!

Our home went under contract a few weeks ago.
We had been showing it at least twice a day (no exaggeration) for 2 months.
We were so nervous about everything falling apart again,
but yesterday the appraisal came thru and everything went official.
It has been a roller coaster of emotions at our house.
We are all so sad to leave so many friends who have become more like family,
a home that we put so much sweat and love into, and a neighborhood that we adore.
BUT we know it's right and we are so excited for the new adventure.
We will be leaving August 14th, so Lu can start school on time.
Freak. That is only 12 days away right?!?
Goodness Gracious, You all should see me walk around the house aimlessly trying to figure out what and how to pack. I'm either a complete mess or just continuing a 29 year old habit of procrastinating til the very last minute and then working like crazy. (It's how I roll)

So much to do today, yet all I feel like doing is watching the Olympics, catching up on the blog, and celebrating Miss Lu (it's her birthday today!!)
Yep. I think I will do that.
That food room full of kidney beans will have to wait.
Today, I'm doing whatever I want to
for the last time
for 12 days.


carrie said...

So torn that you are leaving, but excited for your new adventure and can't wait to visit. P.S. Baby girl looks like she's five!

Tricia Lovato said...

Yep, that one brought a tear to my eye. 12 days...that is the saddest thing. How am I going to say goodbye to you? I know that seems silly because it has only been a little over 2 years ago that I met you but I swear it feels like a lifetime. You are such a sweet person with the biggest heart EVER! Not to mention you have an amazing husband that would drop anything to help another family and 3 sweet and loving kids that touch my heart every time I see them. They are so sweet and just have the best spirits. Plus, who is going to tell me the wildest stories every Sunday? Kylee is going to miss sweet Lulu...she looks up to her so much. I will have to call you to talk to Gigi because I LOVE her little voice. Anyway, let's just say I will miss you more than you can possibly know. With that said I am happy that you are doing what you need to be doing for your family. Kylee is already planning our first trip to visit you ;)

Catherine said...

Kit, I hear ya, and I roll the same way, girl! Procrastinating and then BAM, bust out my TO DO's with Martina McBride tunes in the background, is how I get it all done. :) Since we moved from Sugarhouse to Kaysville only 2 months ago, we had our fair share of sad goodbyes's and happy hello's, too. But we haven't looked back and have KNOWN this is where we're supposed to be right now. Good luck on your new adventure, my friend!