Thursday, August 2, 2012

Highschool Reunion

 June 14th
Oh Highschool.
I am one of the few (or many depending on who you are) who LOVED my high school days.
Such great memories with such great friends.
Last year our 10 year got canceled 3 days before, so this year we celebrated our 11 year with a
few members of our class.
Even though A LOT of people wouldn't couldn't make it, we still had a great time catching up.
Thanks to Dana Caldwell for making it happen. She had so much on her plate and still pulled everything off (seriously, you are my hero)
Here we are at the park with some of the offspring (mine stayed home with grandma)
 me. becky. suz. angie. emily.
 And the night event.
 bonnie. me. becky. sonny's profile.

 We have always acted strange.
11 years. nothing's changed.
 becky. bonnie. stac. me. emily.
(amy where are you in all these pics??)

 Sonny and I stayed the weekend with Becky and Bryce and we had the BEST time 
just hanging out with them.

I am so grateful for where I grew up and the people I grew with.
I always say no place makes em better than Idaho.
And I really think it's the truth.


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Janette said...

looks like a fun filled evening. You look as cute as ever too.