Friday, June 1, 2012

One week Ago...

I was out on the town celebrating this handsome man's 32nd year.
We celebrated in St George town.
(there helping my folks move into their new place...yippee!)
Sonny worked all day and the kids and I shopped all day.
I know. Such a procrastinator like always.
I have to laugh, because I was at Ross Dress For Less trying to decide which sealed cologne looked like it might smell appealing and whether or not Sonny was a money clip kind of guy (he isn't).
I was struggling so I called my brother to get some advice.
Here it is...
"Ross Dress For Less!? Stop thinking like a girl and start thinking like a Dude!
Run to your nearest bike shop now!"
I quickly put down the curve and followed his advice :)
5 hours later...I became the "raddest" wife ever when Sonny opened up his new pair of
mountain bike shorts and special "sweat resistant" shirt (I know. and they think our stuff is ridiculous.)
I really have never seen him so excited over anything. honestly.
thanks bro.
The night followed with a date of Thai Food, shopping, hanging out up at the airport
 and Hunger Games (love!)
It was one of those rare special nights that just take you back to when you were first dating and 
all in love and stuff.
I am still smiling about it.
Nothing too over the top special, but one of those nights where I looked at my husband sitting across the table and thought-
Gosh, How did I get so lucky?
I've met a lot of amazing people throughout my life, but I have never come across
someone as sincere, loving, kind, fun, and dedicated
as the man that I am married to.
I just adore you.
Happy 32nd Babe!
You're awesome.

Hope you enjoy your new padded shorts :)


Tricia Lovato said...

Kinda funny that I am reading this right now. In primary class today I was talking to the Rockstar about how its your birthday tomorrow and he told me his Dad just had a birthday. I asked him old he was...first he told me he was 29 then he said no wait he is 86...ha ha ha. That kid keeps me laughing every Sunday. He was quite the funny kid today :)

Terry said...

So many great memories that you are creating as a family. I love looki ng at eac h one of the pita and reading ab out your lives