Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tulip Festival

{April 16th}
One of our favorite families (Love the Gouldings!) invited us to the Tulip Festival this year.
I can't believe we have lived so close for 4 years and we have never checked this event out.
I think I was just expecting a small little garden of tulips, but there was SO much more!
Gosh. I fell in love with this place.
and so did the munchkins.
Rockstar + Ray
Lola + Lu

 The kids had a ball playing on the hill.
   And Sonny and I tried to figure out how much a waterfall costs...
cause seriously, I want my yard to some what resemble this one day.
It was so pretty.

Tony got cute baby Pepper out and I think my baby girl's heart grew 2 sizes!
Can you see the joy in that girl's face! 
She LOVES everything about babies....that is until I hold one.
Ha. Hope she grows out of that eventually :)
 so precious.
I think we are open for babysitting :)
I have to say the absolute best part of the evening was the Goulding's introducing us to fried doughnuts.
Oh. my. goodness.
They were the BEST little morsels I have ever (and I mean ever) tasted!
Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of them (too busy stuffing my face) except for this one...
I think we bought 3 bags...and there were even some dipped in chocolate!!...
K I gotta stop and get some control here.
They were just so good. Sonny asked the lady if they were healthy.
Hahahaha!! She gave him the weirdest look. He was serious too.
Yep. All natural ingredients: flour, oil, butter, sugar, butter, sugar and cinnamon.
If you go, you gotta get em.
Thank you for inviting us Goulding Family!
Such a great night.

And in case any of you fashionistas were wondering...
yes. boxer-bum is totally back in style.
you're welcome :)

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Tricia Lovato said...

We have been to the Gardens a bunch of times as we use to have a Thanksgiving Point membership (we so need to renew that) but we have NEVER been to the Tulip festival and I tell myself every year we must go and something comes up every year and we don't make it. I have heard it is all sorts of beautiful though. Fried donuts. Considering the love for donuts in our house I think its best we stay away from those ;) I can guarantee we would be hooked and as you can see from the size of my hips that is the LAST thing I need :)