Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Real Man Wipes Bottoms.

I fell in love with Sonny approximately 9 1/2 years ago.
His big smile, those clear blue eyes, that contagious laugh, and his awkward adorable shyness.
I knew I had a catch on our 2nd date when I asked him what his mother was like...
"She's real pretty. She smiles a lot and is just an amazing woman."
I know. I know.
My heart melted for this man. 
(plus I saw a picture of him doing a back flip on a wakeboard on that same date....which may have been the real reason I fell in love...who knows...but let's go with the mom thing :))
He's kind, good, and (i'll say it) a hottie! ;)
And as good of a man as I knew Sonny was 9+ years ago, nothing could have really prepared me for who he was to become a few years later...
A father.
A real good one too.
I swear this man was made for this role.
He wrestles, He tickles, He hugs, He cleans up throw up, He sings lullabies, He kills spiders, He weeds, He kisses owies, He puts in ponytails, He washes the dinner dishes, He brushes teeth, He cuts up noodles, He plays catch, He rides bikes, He warms bottles, He tucks in, He wipes tears, He reads stories, He catches mice and lets them go (Lu is a cinderella), He glues broken toys, He bites cafe rio straws in half, He plays Simon Says, He gives piggy backs, He cheers, He shares his bed sometimes, He says bum-bum, He can swaddle,
and of course he has changed countless dirty diapers.
He's a real man.
He's a Daddy.
And I am so grateful that I get to witness it each and every day.
I love you more than you will ever know Sonny.

Happy Father's Day!
You are one of a kind.

And I love that you can still do back flips on the wakeboard,
but it's still not as sexy as you changing a dirty diaper.
Okay, that was weird, but isn't it so true ladies??
A man who helps out around the as good lookin as they come.
Amen and amen.


Paul said...

Great tribute.

Terry said...

That blog makes me cry. what a Fathers Day tribute. He is a pretty special boy, and so glad he found such a special girl, Love you all.

Catherine said...

It's true. When my man changes diapers, it's hot. haha What a fun post, Kit! We miss you guys. It's fun to think how we started out in the college married ward years ago, and now here we are with kiddos of our own celebrating Father's Day in an extra special way because our hubbies are daddies. So awesome.

Tricia Lovato said...

I agree he is quiet the great Father. You can see his love for you and the kids in his eyes! The love you all have for each other radiates around you. I have to agree there is nothing more attractive than a man that changes diapers and is willing to do anything to help out around the house. It's those things that mean far more than anything else. So, glad we both have that kind of man :) Love you guys!

Janette said...

Cute post!

Dana said...

We must be living right...or at least when our hubbies married us we were :). Sweet post. So good to see you this weekend!

Lindsay said...

Such a sweet way to describe a father. And what a good dad he is, seriously! I'm glad you posted this

A. Because I feel like I haven't seen you in forever and was going through withdrawals.

B. Because Father's Day at our house was lame sauce. TRULY-it was the shiz (and not the good kind). SO my fault. I just realized I am truly horrible at holidays and have made a New Year's resolution half way through the year (case in point)to become at least mildly decent at pulling off a holiday with some shred of organization and preparation.

C. It reminded me that my husband does "that." Oh and he does "that" too. And, yes I just LOVE when he does "that." So thank you so much for writing down how I feel in my heart very much about my own husband. You should apply to Hallmark...

debbie joy said...

You are so right about everything you said about your cute Hubby. I have yet to see hin show any impatience toward you or his family. You found a keeper fro sure but it takes being awesome to find and attract someone awesome!!! love you all!! MOM

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