Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm Late! I'm Late! For a very Important Date!

June 1st
I had a YW fundraiser I was helping out with this Friday night,
so I left Sonny home with the kids to help them get ready for a Birthday party celebrating
Twins Juliette and Danielle Jensen.
Their Mama (love you Dialma!) is Peurto Rican and it is in their culture to go all out 
for parties and we sure look forward to them every single year.
This Year's theme was Alice in Wonderland.
The kids were to dress up in something Wonderlandish, so as you can imagine, 
Sonny was in full blown panic when I mentioned that little detail over my shoulder running out to the car.
(insert evil laugh here)
I know it's bad, but I kinda like throwing him for a loop every now and then.

But Naturally, he didn't stay panicked long...

he handed the reins to Big Sister Lu, 
and I gotta say she impressed us all.
 Meet Rabbit and the Cat.

Good Job Lu.
I am pretty sure that is a better Rabbit than I could have ever done.
Sonny said she was searching for a pocket watch in my jewelry, but couldn't find one.
Ha. I gotta remember to get one of those for next time.
Would have been the finishing touch for sure.

The kids had a ball, and luckily I was able to pop in for the last half of the party
to watch them paint white roses, and play crochet with the Queen. 

Such A Very Merry UnBirthday!!


Janette said...

ha! I love that! love that she stepped up. Btw, I loved reading about your house getting offers. Seriously, that would be so hard. Good luck!!

Lindsay said...

I have totally been reading your blog and not commenting. I. AM. SCUM. I love the rabbit & cat! And you look stunning in your bday photos with your fabulous door! :) And I love that you earned your dolphin award! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hahahhaha! What a cute little cheetah! Cutest cutest family!