Sunday, June 3, 2012

Better than Christmas?

Mother's Day.
Okay, maybe that is a stretch, but year after year this is becoming one of my favorite holidays.
And this year, my sweet family blew me away!
They treated me like royalty and it was fan-stinkin-tastic!!
All week long, Lulu was prepping me for the upcoming day.
She kept reminding me that on Sunday I was to stay in bed ALL DAY LONG
and not do ANYTHING! Ha. Someone is teaching her well.
The morning all started with them serving me some breakfast in bed.
They were so disappointed to see me already awake and getting ready for the day 
(darn 9 am church...and can you tell mascara only made it on one eye? stink.)
Daddy had them all wear aprons to show that it takes all of them working to do what I do each day.
On the menu was watermelon and a green smoothie.
My kind of breakfast.
 Lulu surprised me with the sweetest little book all about
yours truly.
Definitely making the treasure box.
I loooooved it. 
 Her interpretations of me were so great.
What is my mom good at? cheerleading.
 And the Rockstar! He gave me a handmade noodle necklace.
Gosh. I love it. I really don't think it would feel like mother's day without one of these babies draped around my neck!
Thank you baby boy!!

 The last page of the book cracked us all up.
Notice the ending.
 Lu's teacher's name is Diana, so somehow she got a little confused. Ha. I adore her.
The presents ended with a flower pot painting with Rockstar's handprint,
kisses from Gigi, and Sonny gave me the loveliest card full of mushies and a gift card to 
 A few pics snapped before church with the best kids I know.
(and I know a lot ;))

That afternoon we drove out to the UP house.
We hadn't ever been to see it and we live a few miles away.
It was Darling!

 The kids and I decided we want to live here.
(sonny's still on the fence)
 We spotted a park and spent the next couple of hours playing and resting on the grass.
 Such a glorious day.
And I owe everything to this sweet man.
Thank you Sonny,
for making me a wife and then a mommy.
I felt so special this day
and really every day.

I love my life.


Julie said...

Rockstar's apron is the best.

Tricia Lovato said...

You deserve a day just like this to be spoiled and pampered. I LOVE your shoes in your pictures on the porch with the kids...super cute! By the way....that park looks super cool. Where was it at? We might have to check it out. I am getting bored with the parks we have been going to :)

carrie said...

Lola just said, "Wow her Mom can jump really high!" Now I have to compete withthat! Just kidding!