Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lets Play Music

The two oldies enrolled in a music class this year with our neighbor, Miss Kara.
I have to admit that I didn't absolutely love every second of the work,
(A LOT of parent about the deaf leading the deaf!)
but I was so impressed with how much they learned over the year.
It was fun to see it all showcased in their recital
May 3rd.

 The future of America :)
 The Rockstar and Tyler playing 3 Blind Mice.
 Lulu and cute Genna playing 
"A Frog went a Leaping"
 Miss Kara (such a great teacher!) gave out awards and roses to the kids.
Love her passion.

 I was one proud mama.
Good job Lu and Rocks!
You guys blew me away all year long.
I think Beethoven would be proud.

*side note: did you know that doe, re, mi actually means something musically??
I didn't. I really just thought they were rhymes in a cute little song from one of my favorite movies.
But no! Each one really means something. I don't really know what, but at least I know it's not gibberish now.
Hot Dog!! Maybe there is some music hope for me after all :)

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Kendall and Katy said...

My daughter Madeline took this class! She started when she was four and she will be eight years old this August. This year has been her first year in "real" piano lessons since she graduated from Let's play music last year. Her piano teacher has been amazed at how much Madeline knows about the piano. Her teacher said many of theory lessons she never learned until college. Just had to share what a wonderful program it is! But I totally agree with you on the parent involvement and the deaf leading the deaf comment. I took piano lessons for 6 years and didn't know half the stuff they were talking about!