Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Okay, Life has been CRAAAZY!
Since my last post, 1 week ago, we have had science reports, dance recitals, school graduation,
cleaned our house 4 x for showings, sold our house, signed the contracts,
went to Lake Powell with friends,
found out the house sell fell thru,
and today I showed my house 2x again.
Oh and Sonny took off to St George for work.
Holy Crudiola! It has been a lot,
and this girl is feeling 

So the whole house thing??
Basically, the first couple to walk thru made a full price offer the next day.
We accepted.
We signed papers, I asked our realtors (with tears in my eyes)
"So it's normal to feel a little sick to your stomach when you sell your house right? Right???"
Their answer (looking at eachother, then at me) "No. People are always excited. ?"
Oh. good. Just checking. :}

They left.

I cried.

for 3 hours.

Not a good little weep either, It was the full blown snot bubble cry.
Poor Sonny didn't know what to do. 
I couldn't even talk.
It just all felt so weird to think that in 45 days my home would not be mine any longer.
Instead we would be living in a rental somewhere in St George searching to find a neighborhood
that would feel right...
But how will anything feel right compared to this little corner of the world?
We love it here.
We have tiny little knocks on our house all day long asking for the kids to play.
Of the 8 houses on our street, 5 have kids the same ages and all are great families who we love to hang out with.
It's paradise.
Potlucks every 1st Sunday of the month, Halloween carnivals, Flashlight easter egg hunts, 4th of july parades, water parties every weekend (seriously throw down a slip n slide in front yard = 30 kids swarming in about 10 minutes!)
It's so great.
I know that I probably sound so negative, and I really don't mean to.
I just also think that it would be a little naive to believe that we will ever be able to find/replace
this neighborhood, 
because we can't.

I mean where are we going to find another street where a neighbor face paints the kids for free??
Seriously, We have a lady just behind us who sits outside and face paints weekly.
I know. Amazing. (no not weird at all.)

BTW, Lulu's favorite thing in the whole world? get her face painted.

Haha. Okay that may be a stretch. We can live without the face paint.
Anyways, bottom line is that this is home.
And it is hard to imagine feeling like somewhere else can feel the same way.
But I know it can and I know it will.

So anyways, I mourned that night and then the next morning I put my big girl pants on
and decided it was time to accept it. (Afterall, what did I expect putting the sign up in the first place...I should have always known that it was a possibility that we would actually sell.)
We left to Powell and got a call the 2nd night that the buyers couldn't get out of a lease agreement
and they had to pull.
They were pretty bummed and I feel bad for them,
but I would be lying if I didn't admit that I also felt a little relief.
I just need a teeny bit more time here.
I gotta say goodbye.
And it aint going to be easy.

THe End.

*And yes, I know that it always takes me 20 sentences to say what I could have said in 1.
I'm wordy. Can't help it.


debbie joy said...

you know that I am a huge day break fan so I totally understand how hard it is to even think of leaving, but the right course will reveal itself. Have faith and plow forward. Remember you will have Gammy Debbie available at least once a week to play with those adorable munchkins to give you time for Date nite. It will all work out. It always does. You are married to a man who lives a charmed life. Take a deep breath and relax!! Love you MOM

Tricia Lovato said...

Would it make you feel better if you knew there were lots of people that needed more time with your family too? I know I do and I know that is selfish but there you have it...you are needed, wanted and loved more than you possibly know and no one I repeat NO ONE will ever be able to fill the amazing shoes that you wear! No one will ever answer the purple door house with as much love and compassion as you do. Its just not possible. You have no idea how much your love and support especially over the last couple of months has meant to me. You truly are a wonderful friend and an amazing woman. I love you!

P.S. Who does the Face Painting...love it! Kylee would be in heaven too.

Lindsay said...

I busted out an amazing heel kick this morning when I saw your sign out front updated to "For Sale."

Don't hate.

Becky Hill said...

Sounds like a really fun neighborhood! Our old neighborhood was kinda like that,you should check it out when you move down here. It's the Vineyards in Santa Clara ( kinda behind and to the side of Sunbrook Golf Course. Darrin's brother still lives there & they do all sorts of fun stuff. They have block parties once a month, we would get out the huge blow up water slide form Costco and all the neighbor kids would come play, when the last Harry Potter came out they got a HUGE projector screen and watched a different Harry potter outside every night( kinda like the drive in's)it was so fun. In fact we still go trick or treating there every Halloween( along with half of St. George) because they do so much fun stuff.The only down side( and part of the reason we moved ) is it's very "keeping up w/the Jones'" Seriously one person got a new car and the entire street went out and bought the exact same car, kinda crazy. It was super fun though and we had over 250 kids in primary & nursery alone ( our ward was only 4 blocks!!) Anyways it might be worth checking out:) Good luck with the house search, I'm sure you will find a great neighborhood!

The Bubblegum Chronicles said...

Becky! I have heard so many GREAT things about that neighborhood. Megan West lives by me and she LOVED living there. I have been looking for a house in there for a while, but it seems like no one is ever moving out of the place and no available lots. I will keep looking though.
Not sure I like the "keeping up" thing though...

Becky Hill said...

I didn't know Megan lives up north now! She lived on the next street over from us. When we lived there all most every house was for sale! I was there just a few weeks ago and on my brother in laws street ( Cynthia Lane) there were 3 houses for sale. It seems like the same 4 or 5 houses go back on the market every 6-12 months.Keep checking back.

Jaimelee and Steven Holm said...

We just sold our house... and i cried! I think its totally normal when you are so emotionally attached to something. But I know we will build another i can love just as much! And So can YOU! And we are excited to have you in our neck of the woods! And We do lots of fun things here too!! I promise!!:)