Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day

As I said before, we headed to STG for the memorial weekend.
We had a busy few days unpacking my parents new house.
I am going to miss their amazing Idaho home and all the fun memories,
but I am so excited for their new place!
(it is so roomy and pretty and perfect for them)
sorry no pics :(
On our way home we decided to stop in Springville and visit Sonny's
Grandparents' graves.
 We taught the kids some cemetery etiquette
(I'm amazed at how many people walk right on top of the graves)
and told stories about some of our ancestors who have passed.
I tried my darndest to talk about my own grandparents, but every time I started
I burst into tears.
I just miss them so much.
 The kids were so great and they loved hearing some of their heritage.
They wanted to walk around and find some little graves.
It was very humbling to find them.
I really don't want to miss a memorial day doing this.
It was a great moment to take some time out and think of the great people are family has come from.

*If you are wondering what the Rockstar has tied around his legs...
wet wipes.
It's amazing what kids come up with to entertain in the car.

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