Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I'm stinking at it.
I know.
Do you guys remember a time when I used to keep this thing up...
posting multiple times a week??
Oh, none of you are reading anymore huh.?
It's okay. I wouldn't either.
(thanks for still reading though mom:))
I've lost my spark. I've lost my zest. I've lost the blogging enthusiasm.
I just don't ever feel like sitting at the computer and documenting life anymore,
because let's face it....blogging takes soooo much time.
Time that could be spent doing other things like actually living more of the moments instead of trying so hard to capture them.
I convinced myself that was the real reason I was letting my blog go by the wayside.
*inside my's a scary place*
I want to just spend time playing with my family not sitting in front of the computer.
I don't want my kids growing up with a camera in front of their face.
I don't want to waste another second frustrated that Sonny didn't reach for the camera and capture 
gigi and me playing ring around the rosies...cause dang it, it was darling!
(he is a pose only kind of guy)
So with all that in mind, I was slowly giving it up.
Taking way less pictures, not writing nearly as much, letting gigi's new word-isms,
lulu's first field trip, and the rockstar's baseball games (so good btw) go by the wayside.
And I was fine with it.
Afterall, my parents didn't document every second of my life and I turned out okay. (my opinion:))
BUT then the other morning, my theory was shaken.
I heard soft voices and giggling taking place in the other room while I was making my bed
(totally wasn't making my bed...just wanted you guys to be impressed)
I walked around the corner and found this....

My 2 girlies looking thru one of our 5 blog books.
They were laughing and pointing
and remembering.
Remembering lots of memories that would probably have been forgotten had I not sat at the computer
hour upon hour writing, posting, and putting them in a book to sit in our family room available for 
their little hands to reach up and thumb thru their lovely life.
It revived me.
I grabbed my camera and snapped a pic.
It touched my heart and I realized,
I want to keep this up.
I want to post as much as I can,
because I want to remember it all.
I will continue to leave my camera at home from time to time and I definitely will choose
playtime over computer time,
but I am back in the game.
I'm blogging. 
So keep reading mom :)


Lindsay said...


Sometimes I feel like throwing my computer through the window. I wish I could take my work outside, to the pool, on a bikeride, ya know? But no, I have to spend sunny days busting through pictures of people in the sunshine. Sometimes I think to myself, "BAH!!!!" Especially since I am a sun goddess at heart.

I'm getting off track. Sometimes I neglect my own little life on the computer because my work life has already sucked up so much of it. Then I regret it.

So, in short,...

(which, if you know me, & you do, I never speak "in short." In fact, I may be completely incapable of doing so.)

....I know how you feel. And p.s. I MUST come & see the books before they're packed away!!! Aaaaaaa! Darn that sign out front!

p.s. I now want a t-shirt that says "I'm gorgeous inside"

And that concludes my novel.

The End

Amy said...

Yea! I love reading your blog but I know how you feel. I have been feeling that way too until today when I was working on my blog book from last year and was reminded of the fun things that have happened. It is amazing how much I had forgotten. Thanks for vocalizing my feelings. I was slowly wondering if I wanted to keep going too.

Tricia Lovato said...

Thank Heavens! As if its just your Mom that reads it. I have been missing your posts and the pictures of the girls going through your books brought a tear to my eye. I haven't printed my book for last year yet and I so need to do that. I can't tell you how many times I catch my kids going through the book I have printed too and I LOVE it. It makes all the hours worth it! Keep blogging...really I think there are way more people out there that read it than you know. Especially when you move if you stop blogging I just might have to hunt you down ;) I love you!

Madsen Updates said...

i'm still reading!!! :) I am in your same boat. I've been horrible about keeping up the documenting. It is a lot of work, and time. It is so worth it i'm trying to muster up the motivation. Thanks for the boost!!

Becky Hill said...

SO CUTE! What website did you use for your blog books? They are darling.

Kit said...

Becky--I use Blurb. Cheap and pretty easy once you get the hang of it. You can totally call me if you need help figuring it out :)

krista jo said...

So True! Blog books make it all worth it!

Sam and Lacey said...

Yes I am excited! I am still here.

Julie said...

I'd like looking at my blog books too if they were as cute as yours

debbie joy said...

I am still reading and will be forever MOM